Invest in yourself! Top Beginner and Refresher course for CLASSIC individual eyelash extension application.  

Learn directly from in the eyelash extension professional instructor! Once completed, you will know how to apply all types of styles, widths and lengths in the art of classic individual eyelash extensions. Everything from providing a clean sterile working environment and product knowledge, to technical details such as how glues react to different environments, and of course, HANDS ON training so you can use the top lash application techniques being used today that produce the glamorous look your future clients will love! 

You will receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure you go home feeling confident that you can do beautiful lashes.

The cost of our 1-day training and certification is $760 and includes our kit, certificate, manual, breakfast and snack.

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This beginner level intensive is a two-day Lash Application Class that covers everything you will need to know including the highest quality care in eye health and safety. We manufacture our own line of luxury eyelash products that contain the finest ingredients available. We teach innovative aftercare to ensure your clients’ eyes and eyelashes are not harmed by extension wear. You will be on the cutting edge of this fast-growing industry.

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